Valentine’s Day has always been about romance, but it’s also become a day to let the special people in your life know what they mean to you. With February 14 drawing close the Valentine’s Day whirlwind begins with the thought “What unique gift can I give my Valentine?” Candy, flowers, and jewelry are the top sellers and the go to items for Valentine’s Day.  But you can combine a little bit store bought, some creativity, with a whole lot of heart and give some DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that are extra special.

Valentine’s Day throughout history began as a simple DIY holiday with homemade cards and letters. Most people believe the day began as the ancient Roman fertility festival Lupercalia, but in the late 400’s the church declared February 14 a day to honor the martyred Saint Valentine. Around the 1300’s the day became associated with love and romance. The holiday became popular in Britain around 1600 and the practice of sending cards and letters began. The first massed produced Valentine’s Day card was produced in 1840 in the United States and since then there has been no looking back. Today, 62% of Americans celebrate the holiday.

The following facts show how we have embraced Valentine’s Day:

  • Americans spend around 20 billion on cards and gifts
  • Over 35 million heart-shaped boxes of candy are produced
  • 224 million roses are grown for the holiday
  • 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are purchased

So, there are a lot of Valentine’s Day gift options, which can get rather expensive. But how do you find that personal gift for your Valentine? We’ve gathered a few of our favorite DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that can spark your creativity or give you that special “made from the heart” idea you’ve been trying to find.

9 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Full of Heart

1. A Valentine’s Day Full of Memories

Display photos, a hand-written Valentine’s Day note and more on this elegant magnetic memory board that can be used all year long. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift for your Mom, sister or best friend.


2. Kid’s Valentine’s Day Coupon

Notoriously kids get a lot of candy on Valentine’s Day. Try a Valentine coupon gift that treats them to a special movie night. You can tailor it to your child’s interests and give them a day at the museum or even a sport event.


3. Map Out Your Love with This Valentine’s Day Gift

How about a gift that displays the milestones of you and your Valentine? This framed artwork would be a great accent in any room and is a subtle Valentine’s Day gift that shares your life’s journey.


4. A Valentine’s Day Gift for the Golfer in Your Life

You will always be his first love, but if golf is his second this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. For more on this idea and others click here.


5. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts Baked with Love

Homemade cookies and candy say you’re worth the time. Whip up their favorite treats with a special message to make the gift even more thoughtful. Place in a jar or decorative box with your Valentine’s Day message attached for an extra sweet treat.


6. A DIY Valentine’s Day Gift with Some Pop

A party popper is a colorful and exciting way to give your Valentine gift.  Great for kids, you can deliver candy, small toys, a valentine message, money and more in this distinctive way. Click here to learn how to the create this simple DIY gift.


7. A Not So Sweet Valentine

For the Valentine who is not into sweets and leans toward healthier treats, create a jar with their favorite nuts and a cute message. Click here for the downloadable gift card and other great ideas.


8. A DIY Valentine for Your Star Wars Fanatic

The force will be with you this Valentine’s Day when you speak to your Star Wars fan in a language they understand. This is a simple DIY Sharpie project or you can create it at a local pottery store, either way, you’ll have a memorable gift.


9. A Romantic Valentine’s Movie Night

Miss the crowds and enjoy a relaxing movie night at home. Pick a movie that is special to you both, or you can choose one you’ve never seen before! Gather everything you need to make this a Valentine’s Day evening you won’t forget.


For more great DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Simonton Windows & Doors—visit our Pinterest.