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Four Reasons You Should Buy ENERGY STAR Windows

ENERGY STAR windows help you beat the heat.

With hot temperatures outside, the desire for a consistently cool home becomes more important during the summer months, but this can come at a cost. ENERGY STAR certified windows could be the perfect solution to keeping your home comfortable, while saving money this summer.


ENERGY STAR windows for your bathroom.

Four advantages to installing ENERGY STAR windows in your home.


1. You save money with energy efficient windows.

Cooling your home in the summer can be costly. ENERGY STAR windows can reduce energy bills by up to 15 percent. Click here to find out the annual savings in your area.

ENERGY STAR windows can save you money.

2. Energy efficient windows help you keep a comfortable home.

Are the temperatures in the rooms of your home inconsistent? ENERGY STAR certified windows can help maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home summer after summer.

ENERGY STAR windows help you keep a comfortable home.

3. Energy efficient windows shrink your carbon footprint.

ENERGY STAR windows can help you save money while helping the environment by using less energy, which in turn, reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy efficient windows shrink your carbon footprint.

4. ENERGY STAR windows help protect your home.

From drapes to wood floors to photographs – with repeated exposure to sunlight, all of these items can fade or discolor. ENERGY STAR certified window’s Low E coating is like sunscreen for your home and helps reflect damaging UV rays.

ENERGY STAR windows help protect your home.


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