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East Region

Simonton Inovo® Sliding Doors

Experience the superior functionality and enhanced performance of the Inovo® Sliding Patio Door. Add lasting beauty that complements your home’s design by customizing your patio door.

Easy-Glide Operation

Monorail system delivers a smooth, rattle-free glide and weathertight performance.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Built-in energy-efficient glass that can be customized for maximum performance.


Bring your vision to life with our wide range of colors, interior woodgrains and hardware finishes.

Custom-Designed with Your Home and Your Needs in Mind

From high performance to effortless ease of use, the Simonton Inovo® Patio Door is distinguished by an unparalleled attention to detail. Each patio door is precisely manufactured to the highest possible industry standards, rigorously tested for quality assurance and backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Enhanced Design Customizations

Elevate your home’s aesthetic with a portfolio of appealing design customizations. From bold exterior finishes and interior woodgrain laminates to premium handles and blinds between the glass, you can create the patio door just like you want.

Cutting-Edge Energy Efficiency

Inovo Design Options

Door Handles

Inovo Patio Door handles are available in standard and premium designs that are color-coordinated or can be upgraded to a distinctive metallic finish. Handles are available in keyed, non-keyed, and keyed alike. Split finish handles are available on white, tan and driftwood exteriors with any interior color, but must be keyed with the same handle design.

The Simonton Inovo Patio Door features a double-strength*, tempered 1” insulating glass unit with ProSolar® Low-E Glass, Argon gas and the Supercept™ spacer system. Additional glass options enhance acoustics, security, privacy and fade protection.

  • ENERGY STAR® Certified

    Simonton offers region-specific glass packages that meet ENERGY STAR guidelines for optimal energy performance and comfort in any climate.

  • Sound & Security Glass

    Laminated glass consists of a durable interlayer sealed between two layers of glass that withstands forced entry, greatly reduces unwanted sound and deflects up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause interior fading.

  • Coastal Impact Protection

    Offering 24/7 impact protection and durable weather resistance, Inovo patio doors with SafePoint® impact-resistant laminated glass deliver Missile C level certification for homes in inland coastal areas.

  • Triple-pane Glass

    Three panes of double-strength glass create two separate air spaces for optimal thermal performance and interior comfort.

  • Privacy Glass

    Obscure glass has a textured pattern to maximize privacy while allowing ample natural light into your home.

  • Tinted Glass

    Bronze or gray tinted glass helps control solar heat gain and reduce glare and visibility into your home. *Triple-strength glass dependent on the size of the patio door.

Choose architecturally inspired grille profiles and patterns to highlight your home’s character. Grilles are placed between the glass to create a smooth, easy-to-clean surface on the inside and outside of your home.

Inovo Patio Doors include an extruded screen frame with matching finishes and fiberglass screen mesh designed to allow fresh air in and help keep insects out.

Aluminum Screen Mesh

Stronger than fiberglass, corrosion-resistant aluminum screen mesh is great for busy areas in your home where extra durability is needed.

High Visibility Screen Mesh

Narrow screen mesh creates a lower profile look for an enhanced view.


High Durability Screen Mesh

Tough screen mesh increases the strength of your screen for greater durability, perfect for homes with children and pets.

How to Buy

Simonton windows and doors are sold through our large network of trusted contractors, retail stores and distributor locations.