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For the Love of Garden Windows

Garden windows look like mini bay windows that jut out from your home. They’re typically found in kitchens because they offer lots of natural light and add more space. Whether you’re looking brighten up a space or want an easy way to keep your garden growing year round, there are a number of benefits to installing a garden window in your home. Below are just a few.
Garden Windows Collections

1. Garden windows are the perfect way to bring fresh air and sunlight inside your home.

Casement windows on either side of a garden window will give the perfect amount air flow and are easy to operate.

2. Garden windows allow you to garden year round.

These windows are like mini-green houses. The shelves can be used to grow flowers, vegetables or herbs.

3. They provide shelves for your collectibles.

Depending on the size, the window will have one or multiple shelves, giving you ample room to show off your collection.

4. Garden windows increase your home’s curb appeal.

These windows are constructed for beauty. They have four glass panes—one on each side, one in the front, and a slanted pane on top.  An addition of a garden window to any home will add value to the property.

5. They can be customized to fit any opening in your home.

Tired of that double hung above your kitchen sink? Why not replace it? Garden windows can be easily customized to fit an existing opening.


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