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How to Choose the Best Window Grille for Your House Style

Window grilles, also called window grids, can be the perfect accent to any home. From colonial to contemporary homes, there’s a window grille pattern to suit every house style. Learn how to choose the ideal window grille pattern for your home below.

How to choose the best window grille for your house style.

Colonial Style

Colonial window grilles give homes a traditional look.

Colonial homes are one of the most popular house styles in the United States. They’re characterized by symmetrical lines and windows, and feature an entry door that can be found in the middle of the home. These homes typically have a traditional grille pattern, named after the house style, the colonial grille.

Modern or Contemporary Style

Modern homes are characterized by sleek lines and large windows that stand on their own without decorative trim. Many ranch houses are designed in this style.

A horizontal window grille is all that's needed to accent the windows in the HGTV Smart Home 2017.

Because of their clean design, modern homes often don’t have grille patterns on their windows or they will have a simple, horizontal line, like that used in the HGTV Smart Home 2017.

Prairie Style

Developed by architectural pioneer, Frank Lloyd Wright, prairie style homes are built based on the idea that based on the idea that a home should serve all practical needs without being overly embellished. These homes typically are recognized by their horizontal lines, flat roof and open floor plan.
A perimeter window grille pattern is ideal on a prairie style home.
Because these homes are not overly showy, you’ll often find they have a simple grille pattern outlining the window, aptly called a prairie grille or a perimeter grille.

Victorian Style

Unlike prairie style homes, Victorian homes evolved out of the Gothic style, which appealed to the romantic Victorian idea that fashion, architecture and furnishings should be beautiful rather than practical.
A Victorian window grille pattern can often be found on Victorian homes.
Victorian homes are typically large and imposing with outer walls made of stone. They’re also characterized by embellished, decorative trim and bright paint colors.
Because Victorian homes are atypical, so are their window grilles. Diamond grille patterns are typical on older Victorian homes. You’ll also often see Colonial-style grille patterns with 6-8 glass panels at the top of double hung windows, called a Victorian grille.

Cottage or Farmhouse Style

The Cottage house style has, in the past, been thought of in terms of a two-story home with lower living space and second-floor bedrooms. Often these homes are considered to have playful, whimsical exterior features like elaborate gingerbread trim and window boxes.
Looking for window grilles for your cottage? A traditional, colonial grille is the way to go.
The windows on these homes are also typically outfitted in traditional, colonial grilles.

Tudor Style

Tudor homes are known for their brick, stucco and exposed timber accents. Many of these homes have diamond grille patterns on their windows. The pattern could cover the entire window pane or just a portion, such as the top pane of a double hung window.

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