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Garden Doors and Garden Patio Doors: What’s the Difference?

When you hear the term “garden door” you may envision a magical door like this one…

garden door

Source: Bored Panda

But, when we hear the term garden door, we think of something completely different – a Simonton garden patio door, more frequently called a swinging patio door and not to be confused with a sliding patio door.

So, what’s the biggest difference between a garden patio door and a sliding patio door?

It’s a big one – hinges. Garden patio doors swing open rather than slide open. Swinging patio doors are available in two styles: the French hinged door and the centered patio door. The major perks about a garden patio door? Ample natural light and garden viewing and easy access to the outside. The more elegant of the patio doors, sliding doors tend to be used more often in basements leading outdoors or onto decks, while garden doors are better suited for opening into a grand courtyard or garden. Ultimately, it just boils down to your personal style and preference.

Our Four Favorite Garden Patio Doors

The office garden door.

Take a look at this garden patio door in the homeowner’s home office. This garden patio door totally makes the office and gives the busy homeowner a chance to stretch their legs and take an afternoon walk. And notice the patio door is paired with a picture window above to increase the natural light in the space.
garden patio door in office

Imagine transforming your own home office like this. Is your office adjacent to your yard and on a ground level? Or do you have a pair of windows that could be replaced with a swinging patio or garden door like this one? The possibilities are endless and the change will be dramatic.

A grand entrance to the garden.

This garden patio door with a colonial grid absolutely makes this entrance. The picture window above the door frames it in with more elegance and grandeur.

exterior view of garden patio door

Whether your garden patio door is leading to an actual garden, or in this case a stone courtyard, you have so many options to choose from that go far beyond the door itself. Each Simonton patio door, garden doors, swinging doors or sliding, come with custom style choices. From color or woodgrain to hardware and then grid patterns – your door will be custom to your style and preference.

A great patio door for a great room.

Garden patio doors make a grand entrance in a great room or living room. These doors, with their easy access to the outdoors, change the entire landscape of a room especially when paired with grand picture windows as you see in this example.
garden patio door in family room

Garden patio doors make the deck.

It’s hard to imagine this deck without this patio door. In this case, with the dramatic picture windows above and surrounding, this garden door becomes a centerpiece of style and amps up the deck in a big way.
garden patio door on deck

What to Look for When Shopping for a Garden Door

Your patio door can be custom to your style preference. Choose between color and woodgrain, grid patterns and the hardware options like nickel or polished brass. Find your perfect  patio door here on Simonton.com.

Most of all, it’s important to make sure your patio door is installed professionally by a trusted contractor. That’s why we always recommend choosing a professional installer from within the Simonton ProNetwork. Find a Pro here within your zip code and set up an appointment to see your options.


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