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Window Condensation. Is My Window To Blame?

No one likes window condensation. You can’t see out of your window, it’s wet, it’s messy and if it’s cold enough it can turn into ice.
So what causes window condensation? Because it’s on your window, it’s natural to think that condensation is caused by the window. But window condensation is actually a natural occurrence that can happen inside, or outside, your home if you have excess humidity and not enough air circulation.

What causes window condensation?

When it comes to window condensation the real culprit is humidity. Humidity is invisible water vapor that is in the air. When excess water vapor comes in contact with a cooler surface, the vapor turns to visible droplets of moisture. You see this when you take a hot shower and the bathroom fills with steam. The steam or water vapor turns to condensation on the cooler mirror, wall, and window.
How to get rid of window condensation

What causes high humidity in a home?

An average family can create more than 100 pints of moisture a week by showering, cooking and even breathing. If a home is not well ventilated and there is nowhere for the moisture to go humidity levels can start to rise.

If you see sporadic condensation, like when you are cooking a big meal or have a house full of people, you don’t have much to worry about. But if condensation is happening on a consistent basis you may need to take additional steps, like getting a dehumidifier, to reduce the humidity in your home.
how to reduce window condensation

How to reduce window condensation in your home.

The easiest thing you can do to reduce condensation is to increase ventilation. For example, if you have drapes around a window that has condensation, pull them back to increase the air flow. You can also inspect your home’s exterior for issues like leaky faucets and clogged gutters that can be adding moisture to the basement and home.

Here are 6 quick ways to get rid of window condensation:

  • Open a window for added ventilation
  • Use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Use a dehumidifier
  • Properly vent clothes dryers, gas appliances, stoves, etc.
  • Make sure attic, basement and crawl spaces are well ventilated and free from obstructions
  • Don’t store firewood inside; freshly cut wood can release a good deal of moisture in your home

What causes window condensation


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