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3 ways vinyl windows provide lasting peace of mind

Vinyl windows offer a lot of benefits, both performance-wise and looks-wise. But where they really shine is in providing homeowners with incredible peace of mind. Once installed, they continue to perform with very little maintenance and care required, so you can simply enjoy a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly home. Here’s how vinyl windows continue to show that they’re the smart decision for your home.


1 – Carefree Maintenance

With vinyl replacement windows, homeowners don’t have to worry about frequent maintenance and upkeep like they would with other materials. Compared to wood frames, vinyl requires no repainting or restaining because the color holds fast. Vinyl windows can also be cleaned simply and easily, plus they’re impervious to rot and decay from moisture or insects. A high-quality vinyl window will last up to 40 years, saving you countless hours of maintenance over its lifespan.

2 – Eco-friendly Efficiency

Vinyl window frames are known for their excellent energy efficiency, helping you enhance your home’s comfort and reduce your energy bill, year after year. Paired with features like multiple window pane packages, low-E glass coatings and gas fill options, vinyl frames work together to reduce overall energy consumption and, ultimately, your impact on the environment. But that’s not where the efficiency ends. In Simonton® Windows & Doors’ case, when the vinyl profiles are manufactured, any material waste produced is recaptured and reincorporated into creating new vinyl frames. This helps to keep excess waste out of landfills and reduce the ecological impact. And unlike some types of windows, our windows are made with fully recyclable parts. That means you can feel confident that you’re making the right choice for your home and the environment.

3 – Enduring Warranty

Most high-quality vinyl windows come with a variety of warranties that cover everything from coatings and finishes to the window frames themselves. Simonton offers a comprehensive warranty that allows you to transfer your window warranty to the subsequent owner if you were to sell your home. With this much protection, you’re sure to enjoy beauty, quality and durability for years to come.

With your new windows installed, you’ll experience the confidence, peace of mind and decades of great performance that always come with high-quality vinyl windows. Now that’s a choice you can feel proud of.


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