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The Cozy Comfort of Bay Windows

Bay windows are perfect for any room in your home.

Some people may think bay windows are too traditional or outdated, but we can’t help but love them. Not only do bay windows create a beautiful look for the exterior of your home, they have many other benefits as well.

Five reasons to love bay windows.

1. Bay windows add seating.

Bay Windows Add Seating
And not just any seating. A place to seek comfort and relaxation. You can now forget about the stress of the day because you have your favorite book, a drink in hand, and a gorgeous view to gaze upon and reflect. This is where life can slow down, affording you that one moment you’ve looked forward to all day. A moment of calm.

2. Bay windows fill your home with light.

Why should you have a bay window? Bay windows let in lots of light.
Let in the light! Instead of trying figure out what curtains are best for a bay window, this San Francisco homeowner ditched the window treatments and kept the window bare to let in lots of natural light.
You can find this home, and other bay window ideas, on Apartment Therapy.

3. A bay window adds style.

Cozy Bay Window Treatment
And how you style a bay window speaks volumes about your personality. Whether you use bright colors, muted pastels, or a potpourri of pillows, make your bay window your own. Find window treatment ideas for bay windows here.

4. Bay windows fit any room.

Kitchen Bay Windows Add Seating and Natural Light

A bay window will suit any room in your home. This built-in window seat is ideal for dining and adds seating without taking up additional space.
Home Office Bay Window
Do you have a home office? Consider building your desk into a bay window to give your workspace lots of natural light.

5. A bay window can give you an incredible view.

A Floor to Ceiling Bay Window Can Give Yourthe Perfect View
Perhaps you don’t need the extra seating but would rather frame your view. This floor-to-ceiling bay window will make you feel like you’re dining outdoors from the comfort of your dining room.


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