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Get Into the Swing with a Hinged Patio Door

A hinged patio door goes by many names including garden door, French door, and swinging patio door. Although they have different names the one thing they have in common is they swing open and close. These doors provide a beautiful entrance to a home or your outdoor living space.
hinged patio door

With classic styling, a hinged patio door offers old world charm.

The doors are available in a French-hinge style where both doors swing or a center-hinge design where only one door moves. Both styles can open either to the inside or outside to accommodate your home.
hinged patio door or garden patio door

Although they offer a traditional look, these doors are designed for today and provide excellent energy efficiency, weather resistance and low maintenance beauty. For a custom look, our hinged patio door offers a grid selection to highlight the architecture of a home. Also available are exterior colors for instant curb appeal and unique metal handles for a finished look.
hinged patio door


energy efficient garden door hinged patio door outdoor space swinging patio door
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