Now that fall is in full swing, it’s time to add warmer, autumn colors to your home. Using the 2015 fall colors in your home can instantly create a richer and cozier feel, perfect for the changing seasons. But how do you know which colors are best for fall? Luckily, Pantone’s Fall 2015 Color Report is the ultimate guide. We’ve scoped out several ways to incorporate these autumn colors in your home, including ways to complement your windows.

How to use autumn colors in your home.

Dried Herb

This olive green shade is military inspired and perfect for fall. The earthy tones complement neutral colors well and would complement white or cherry woodgrain windows best. You can add this fall 2015 color to your home on as a cabinet color, a wall color for your bathroom or even a simple throw blanket.

Reflecting Pond

This cool hue of blue would be an easy fall color addition to your home. The darker shade of blue is calming for fall and stands out for all the right reasons in a home with white windows. Try this fall 2015 color on your curtains, on an accent wall or as accent décor.


Marsala was named 2015’s color of the year, so it’s a must to include in your fall 2015 colors. The perfect mixture of red and brown, Marsala can add warmth and sophistication to your fall décor. Marsala, ideally, would be used as an accent wall color, as a print or as a focal piece of furniture. The depth of the color would complement white or wood grain windows.

Amethyst Orchid

This vibrant purple color is a great way to brighten your home for fall. The jewel tones in this purple make it an ideal color for accenting. If your home has white or neutral color windows, Amethyst Orchid would be the best fall 2015 color to use. Try this shade in an accent rug, lighting or curtains.

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