We’re going to take you behind the scenes of our holiday video shoot and if you haven’t had a chance to see the holiday decorating videos yet- you can go to our YouTube channel and take a look at the entire playlist.


Meet Mike Hogan! Mike has been featured by HGTV, Women’s Day Budget Decorating, Women’s Day Garden & Deck Design, MarthaStewart.com and the Columbus Dispatch and he was nice enough to open up his home and show us around.

Mike gave us amazing tips on how to make a wreath, how to add holiday decor to the outside and inside of your home, how to decorate your mantel, and finally, how to prepare your dining table for Christmas dinner.

We have to give Mike a big shout-out! Having a video camera in your face for hours can be, well, exhausting! Take a look at the pictures below of Mike’s beautiful home. We think you’ll enjoy them.