We know you don’t always have as much time as you would like to prepare for the holidays. To help you we’ve collected ten (easy) ways you can make your Thanksgiving 2014 stand out from the rest.


1. No ice bucket? No problem. Hollow out that pumpkin sitting on your stoop and you have a festive, homemade ice bucket perfect for chilling wine. Best part? You can discard it when the night is over (or the wine is gone). http://bit.ly/1twfNoK Pumpkin Ice Bucket


2. You don’t have to be a DIY expert to make this fun centerpiece.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece


3. Who knew pumpkins had so many uses? http://bit.ly/1EkTYex

Succulent Planter


4. In love with these personalized place cards. http://bit.ly/1EuPaFp

Personalized Place Cards


5. If you’re handy with a drill you can create the perfect ‘au naturel’ centerpiece in a matter of minutes. http://bit.ly/1oGW7tW

Easy Centerpiece


6. Keep it simple. A few acorns, glass votive holders and white candles create an elegant look.

Simple Fall Decor


7. There are a million ways to decorate with mason jars. We love this seasonal look! http://bit.ly/1Elp5c2

Mason Jar DIY


8. Candles wrapped in cinnamon. Yum!

cinnamon wrapped candles


9. Don’t know what to do with that old sweater? Don’t throw it away! A little ribbon and some stuffing can make this one-of-a-kind pumpkin. http://bit.ly/1r6tF93

New Use For Old Sweaters


10. Make your home smell as good as it looks. Mulled spices? Yes please! http://bit.ly/1uOdnCg

Fall Scents