When Do You Replace Your Windows by Simonton Windows

Some things in life are certain. Easy to see, clear decisions where the choice is obvious. Then with some other things, not so much. In regards to many home improvement projects, it’s not always easy to know when it’s time for maintenance until its way too late.

And just like all systems in your home, eventually your windows will need replaced. If you follow our tips and advice below, you’ll know when it’s time to consider replacing your home windows. Then you can do it on your own terms, before it is too late.

Is there condensation inside the window panes? If so, this is an indication that the window seal could have failed. Not only is the window now allowing moisture to get inside the window panes, the insulating value of the window is now greatly reduced. The inert gas in-between the panes is now gone, further reducing the insulation properties.

Do the windows open and close easily? This could be a sign of dirt building up around the window. In many case, a good cleaning once a year will keep the window operating smoothly, and the locks operating easily. Rough movement could also be a sign of some component failure. Some components can be replaced, like window locks and handles. But over many years (possibly decades) the structure of the window degrades. If yearly cleaning and replacing damaged parts does not return the window to smooth operation, a replacement may be needed.

Is it getting cold or hot in your home? During the winter, is it getting cold in your home, or likewise, in the summer, is it getting hot in your house? If it seems like it is getting hot or cold in your home, and your furnace or air conditioner is running more often, this is a sign of potential window trouble. Quality windows help insulate your home from temperature fluctuations and keep your home comfortable. There are other reasons why there may be temperature fluctuations in your home, but don’t overlook your windows as a potential cause of the problem. (Read more about what makes a window energy efficient.)

Is it too noisy in your home? Do you live in a congested area where there is a lot of traffic noise, or airplanes? Getting new windows with laminated glass goes a long way to reducing the noise pollution in your home.

Don’t Wait too Long to Replace Your Windows

Don’t wait too long. If the window seal fails, you will start to see condensation between the panes of glass. Also, the ability for the window to resist temperature changes decrease over time which can create higher energy costs, and less comfort in your home. Replacing the windows before they reach this stage has the best long term advantages in comfort, cost and home value.

If you would like some help in figuring out if you need new windows, contact us. We are happy to help, with honest, straightforward advice.