Not all windows are perfect squares, but most window treatments are designed to fit a standard square window. So how do you decorate custom window shapes? We’ve pulled together various window treatment ideas to inspire you to find the right window treatments for window styles that can be a decorating challenge.

Window treatment ideas for bay windows.

Window Treatment Ideas for Custom Window Shapes

Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Bay or bow windows are not only great for letting more natural light into your space, but also for opening up your room to the outdoors and boosting your home’s curb appeal. The problem is that bay windows can be difficult to decorate, so homeowners often leave them bare. While leaving your windows bare is a great way to let in more natural light, it can also leave a room feeling stark. So, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite bay window treatment ideas to help make your home a little more cozy.

Bay window treatment ideas for difficult to decorate windows.

  • Silk Panels. If you love a timeless look, consider adding silk panels to your bay window to accentuate your living space. This elegant touch can instantly transform your space into a more formal room for gatherings, dinners and more.
  • Roman Shades. Add a contemporary look to your bay. Flat Roman shades add elegance and frame the shape of a bay window perfectly. Consider adding shades that have a bright pop of color or a bold pattern to further accent surrounding curtains or furniture.

Bay window treatment ideas for difficult to decorate windows.

  • Drapery Panels. To avoid cluttering your bay or bow window, choose drapery panels that create vertical length in the room. Position the curtain rod a few inches above the windows to create the illusion of a taller ceiling.
  • Curtains. Curtains give you the flexibility to choose where and how to hang them, inside or outside of the window. If your windows are treated as a single unit, hang them on the outside edge of the windows, where it will surround them like a picture frame. If the windows are separate, frame each window with curtains. See this example from Better Homes and Gardens.

Patio Door Window Treatments

When it comes to accenting your patio doors, challenges can emerge. For example, you don’t want to dress up your doors to the point that it takes away from their functionality. Here are a few of our window treatment ideas for sliding glass doors and french doors.

  • Patio Door Blinds. A classic look that lets in natural light when you want it, blinds come in a variety of materials and sizes that are sure to accent your space. By adding blinds on separate doors, you still enjoy the ability to open, or slide, them to let in the sunshine.
  • Panels for French doors. Though French doors can be difficult to dress up, it shouldn’t mean you need to shy away from getting creative. Choose a fabric, print or color that adds some character to your space, all without hindering them from opening to the outdoors.
  • Blinds Between Glass. Did you know that your blinds can be inside o your patio doors? These are built to offer you simplicity in design style and in maintenance. Watch our video about blinds between the glass here.
  • Roller Shades. Patio door roller shades are super simple, but create a statement. Roller shades can be adjusted depending on how much light you’d like to let in, while still allowing a great view of the outdoors.

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Garden Window Decorating Ideas

Garden windows from Simonton project outward from your window frame and provide space to hold plants, photos or anything else you want to showcase. We think these additions look lovely above the kitchen sink because they create more depth in the room and offer a space to store herbs for cooking! Consider using the expanded glass shelf to show off personal trinkets, foliage and more.  

Garden windows are usually found in kitchens.

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Window Seat Window Treatments

Have you been dreaming of a having a cozy reading nook in your home? Window seats are a great way to get more use of your windows and take advantage of the natural light your windows let in. Plus, window seats fit in any room of your home.

Where can you incorporate window seats in your home?

  • Bedroom window seat. Make a personal escape through a cozy reading nook in your bedroom. Consider incorporating bookshelves to house your favorite novels and keepsakes.

Cozy Bay Window Treatment

  • Entryway window seat. An entryway window seat can be stylish and incredibly functional. Create a window seat near your front or side door and utilize the space for hanging coats and hats and storing shoes.
  • Kitchen window seat. Go ahead and get rid of the chairs around your kitchen table and replace it with a booth-style look. By creating a window seat that surrounds your table, you’ll be able to fit more people. And who doesn’t enjoy a soft cushion to sit on?

Kitchen Window Seat Adds Style and Function

  • Disguise a radiator. Have an unsightly radiator in your home? Make a window seat out of it! This Old House recommends hiding the face of the radiator with lattice to let the heat escape. Accessorize with pillows on top and make it a cozy seat. No one will ever know the difference.

There are so many different ways you can add or upgrade your window seat. For even more inspiration, check out Blinds Galore’s  “Whimsical Window Seats.”

Window Treatments for Arched Windows

Arched windows already offer a unique look, so what’s the best way to dress them up? Try choosing a dark curtain rod and curtains that span the length of the wall. Not a fan of long curtains? Find arched window treatments that fit inside of the curve of the window for a custom fit.

Window treatment ideas for arched windows.

Better Homes & Gardens has some great window treatment ideas for arched windows. Here are a few of our favorite:

  • Loose drapery panels. These design options, when paired with a dark metal rod, create an illusion of a taller ceiling and add an element of softness to wherever you incorporate them inside of your home.  
  • Curtain rod below the top window. If you have an arched window, think about putting a curtain rod below the arch and above where the rest of the window starts. This lifts the view and leads the eye to focus on the outdoors without a huge obstruction.
  • Just add swag. Swags are draped curtains, loosely hung over the top of window openings. Adding these right below the arch and along the top of the angular lines of the window creates visual movement and a completely unique look, whether incorporated in the kitchen, bedroom or living room.

Go beyond the window treatments.

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