The benefits of having lots of natural light in your home go far beyond energy savings. Research has proven that being exposed to natural lighting actually helps people be more productive, happier, healthier, and calmer.

Natural Light

Here are four ways increasing the amount of natural light in your home will have a positive impact on you.

Natural Light = Increased Productivity

Natural light not only reduces feelings of tiredness, but it also helps you be more focused and attentive, which can lead to an increase in productivity.

Home Office

Do you have a home office? Make sure your work space is close to a window that gets lots of sunlight. If you work in an office that doesn’t have many windows it’s a good idea to a break every couple hours and step outside.

More Natural Light Make Your Happier

Did you know limited exposure to sunlight has been linked to depression? A great way to combat depression is to let lots of natural light into your home and work space.

Impressions_Set 4 Vignette_Triple CS_Living Room

An easy way to let lots of light into your home is to ditch your window treatments. Getting rid of your window treatments will instantly open up a room.

Trouble Sleeping? Let the Light in!

The more time you spend in artificial light the more difficult it can be to fall asleep. Exposure to natural light, however, has the opposite effect.

BedroomWhen you spend most of your day in naturally lit environments, your body develops a good circadian rhythm and naturally feels sleepy and alert at the right moments.

Natural Light Gives You Energy

Natural light does more than just improve your sleep. Doctors believe that spending time in naturally lit environments keeps your energy levels more stable throughout the day and prevents the dreaded afternoon fatigue.

Home OfficeIf you have a home office try switching off all artificial lighting and light your work space with only natural light.


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