Matching Home Replacement Windows to Your Lifestyle

Tips for Marrying Windows and Lifestyles

When selecting replacement or new construction windows for your home, you are making a long-term commitment to the products that will shelter your family for many years. It’s important to research all window products and options you select for your home and to make sure they match up with your long-term needs. Here are some tips for choosing the right windows for your home.

  • Analyze your lifestyle. For example, if one family member thrives on gardening, consider adding a Garden window in a kitchen or laundry room. The “bump out” feature of the Garden window offers the opportunity for growing plants and herbs year-round in any climate.
  • Consider your living style. If you like “nooks and crannies” and cozy spaces in your home, you’ll love window seats and breakfast nooks created with Bay and Bow windows. Imagine your delight with a front Bay window that displays holiday decorations each year. Or a Bow window in a master bedroom that serves as a quiet reading place.
  • Think about natural light. If you crave “wide open spaces” in your home, consider large walls of windows and Picture windows to capture views. You may also appreciate the advantages of Slider windows that offer larger views and excellent ventilation.
  • Not home often? If you have a fast-paced lifestyle with little time for household chores, then low maintenance vinyl windows are a great choice. Many people rely on the easy care of vinyl frames. They don’t require painting, so there is no scraping and repainting window frames.
  • Cleaning your home’s windows. If you have a multi-story home with windows difficult to reach from the outside, select Double Hung windows that make it easy to clean your windows from inside your home.