FAQ for Coastal Residents

Q. Exactly what are Simonton coastal products?

A. Simonton coastal products are impact-resistant windows and doors tested to withstand strong winds and flying debris. The products are constructed of an outer layer of breakable glass and an inner layer of impact-resistant glass. They feature a heavy invisible plastic interlayer sandwiched between panes of the inner glass that prevents the puncturing of the glass from flying debris. During a severe storm or burglary attempt, the glass may shatter when struck, but it will not break out of its frame so the home and its contents are protected.

Q. How would I know if I need to use impact-resistant products?

A. Every city and county has building codes. These codes are created to guarantee that new homes being built (and older homes being remodeled) have the best and safest building products used in them for their area. Coastal areas are particularly susceptible to changing building codes. It’s important that you work with your contractor or window installer to make certain that the windows you purchase meet codes for your area. In many coastal areas it is mandated that impact-resistant windows (or windows with an approved shuttering system) be used in homes.

Q. Why should I use impact-resistant windows instead of boarding up or shuttering up my home?

A. Simonton coastal windows and doors are on guard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They do not require shuttering or boarding up. This saves homeowners time, money and labor when severe weather threatens. Not having to shutter up also gives you peace-of-mind when you’re away from home and severe weather strikes. Additionally, some insurance companies give discounts on homeowner insurance when you install code-approved impact-resistant products.

Q. How can I be sure the Simonton coastal windows and doors will protect my home?

A. Simonton coastal windows and doors, with their impact-resistant glass, are AAMA certified and require no shuttering. Windows and doors can be ordered to meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines.

Q. Why should I purchase Simonton’s impact-resistant windows instead of those from another company?

A. Simonton Windows® has a longstanding reputation of manufacturing quality windows and doors. Since 1946, Simonton Windows’ hallmarks have included the production of superior quality products. Additionally, our New Product Development team of engineers and window experts has allowed us to advance several products within the past few years and will permit us to rapidly develop other new products in the future.

Q. What styles are available in the Simonton coastal product lines?

StormBreaker Plus® SafePoint
Double Hung Double Hung
Horizontal Roller Slider
Casement End Vent Slider
Awning Casement
Picture Window Awning
Geometrics Picture Window
Sliding Patio Door Geometrics
Hinged Patio Door Sliding Patio Door