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Identify the Part You Need on the Sliding Window Below

  • A


    Part of the window that slides horizontally to open and close.

  • B

    Slider Cam Lock

    Located on the lower sash and engages with the keeper to lock the window.

  • C

    Slider Keeper

    Located on the upper sash and engages with the cam lock to secure the window.

  • D

    Slider Air Lok

    On some sliders, a small air latch that when activated limits the amount a window can be opened for safer ventilation.

  • E

    Sash Take Out Clip

    On some sliders, a small rectangular clip is installed in the top of the frame that must be removed in order to remove the sash from the frame (some replacement double sliders).

  • F

    Sash Anti-lift Block

    On some sliders, a short piece of track insert is installed over each sash in the top of the frame (some replacement double sliders).

  • G

    Sash Bumpers

    Rubber bumpers located in the jambs of some sliders. They are installed into installation screw holes and are hidden behind the sash when both sash are closed (some replacement double sliders).

  • H

    Screen Clip

    Helps to secure the screen in the frame on new construction single sliders.

  • I

    Slider Grilles

    Grille patterns are located between the glass. Simulated divided lites (SDLs) are grilles applied to the external surface of the glass.

  • J

    Slider Weatherstripping

    The material used to seal the sash to the frame when the window is closed. Weatherstripping is located on all four sides of the sash and in the frame on some sliders.

  • K

    Slider Screen (Exterior)

    Framed mesh that allows fresh air in and helps keep bugs from entering the home when the window sash is open.

  • L

    Slider Weep Hole Covers (Exterior)

    Covers the external weep holes on the bottom of the exterior window frame.