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Identify the Part You Need on the Double Hung Below

  • A

    Upper Sash

    Top portion of the double hung window including the vinyl and insulating glass unit.

  • B

    Lower Sash

    Bottom portion of the double hung window including the vinyl and insulating glass unit.

  • C

    Sash Stop

    Prevents damage to your double hung by limiting how far the sash moves up and down.

  • D

    Balance Track Cover

    Covers the exposed balance track on some double hung windows for aesthetic purposes.

  • E

    Air Lok

    Small air latch that when activated limits the amount a window can be opened for safer ventilation

  • F

    Tilt Latch

    Latches at the top corner of each sash that when disengaged will allow the sash to tilt inward.

  • G

    Cam Lock

    Located on the lower sash and engages with the keeper to lock the window

  • H


    Located on the upper sash and engages with the cam lock to secure the window.

  • I

    Balance Assembly (Internal)

    Interior components located within the balance track of the window that consists of the spring, shoe and cover.

  • J

    Pivot Bar

    Metal bar attached to the sash that sits in the balance shoe, connecting the sash to the balance system.

  • K


    Grille patterns are located between the glass. Simulated divided lites (SDLs) are grilles applied to the external surface of the glass.

  • L

    Fin Seal Weatherstripping

    Also called “wool pile”, this fuzzy weatherstripping is located on the sides, outside and top of either sash.

  • M

    Weatherseal Bulb

    A flexible weatherstrip applied to the bottom of the lower sash.

  • N

    Screen (Exterior)

    On double hung windows the half- or full-size screen comes with fiberglass or aluminum mesh and is installed on the exterior side of the window.

  • O

    Weep Hole Covers (Exterior)

    Covers the external weep holes on the bottom of the exterior window frame.