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Identify the Part You Need on the Casement Window Below

  • A

    Casement Sash

    Part of the window that opens and closes. For casements, the sash will open to the outside.

  • B

    Crank Operator

    The mechanism used to crank the window sash open and closed. It can be a single-arm or dual-arm operator, depending on the size of the window. It will differ based on whether the window opens to the left or right.

  • C

    Casement Slide Track

    Only present on windows with a dual-arm operator. The dual arm operator helps larger-sized windows operate efficiently.

  • D

    Hinge Arm

    Connects to the sash and hinge track in the frame allowing the sash to swing in and out.

  • E

    Lock Handle

    Moves the lock bar up and down. Pulls up to unlock, and pushes down to lock.

  • F

    Casement Keeper (Internal)

    Located on the side of the sash and engages with the lock bar to secure the window.

  • G


    Located on the side of the sash and the frame, they help guide the sash into the frame. There could be as many as three sets depending on the size of the window.

  • H

    Casement Weatherstripping

    The material used to seal the sash to the frame when the window is closed. Weatherstripping is located on all four sides of the sash.

  • I

    Casement Grilles

    Grille patterns are located between the glass. Simulated divided lites (SDLs) are grilles applied to the external surface of the glass.

  • J

    Casement Screen

    Framed mesh that allows fresh air in and helps keep bugs from entering the home when the window sash is open. For casement windows, screens are located on the inside of the window.