Swinging Patio Doors

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Swinging Patio Doors

A swinging, hinged patio door is also called a garden door and brings old-world charm to your home. There are two styles: the French hinged door and the centered patio door and both can swing into or out of your home. We’re going to walk you through each one and explain the differences.

French Hinged vs. Center Hinged

There are two variations of swinging patio doors, french hinged or center hinged. The difference is subtle now, but when it’s the door in your home, it makes a big difference, so put some thought into how you want your new door to function.

French Hinged Patio Door

Both doors swing open and shut. You can choose whether you want the doors to swing inward or outward.

Simonton Swinging Doors - Garden Doors

Key Benefits

The benefits of this door is that it’s easy to open, affords a wide and beautiful view and adds elegance to any home. With door panels opening, you will also have enough space to bring large items in or out of your home.

French Hinged Patio Door Tip

Because this door is hinged and swings either outside or inside, you will need the clearance to have this door installed in your home. You don’t want it to be difficult for someone to use, and you don’t want it hitting anything when it opens or closes.

Center Hinged Patio Door

This patio door only opens on one side. This is perfect for people who want a swing patio door, but don’t have the space for both sides to swing open.

Simonton Swinging Doors

Key Benefits

A center hinged patio door allows you to choose which panel is operable, and which way you’d like it to swing: in or out.

Center Hinged Patio Door Tip

This door is incredibly durable because one of the panels is stationary.

Key Benefits

Swinging Patio Door

  • Offers wide, beautiful view
  • Classic, old world styling
  • Available in both French- or Center-hinge styles
  • Choose between in-swing or out-swing styles
  • Various styling options include attractive metal handles

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