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How Much Do Replacement Windows and Doors Cost?

Are your energy costs rising and you’re constantly adjusting the thermostat for comfort? Are you experiencing cold drafts or windows that won’t open? If you are, it’s probably time for new windows. Understanding the cost of windows and the options that can affect a window’s price will help you make the right selection for your home, design style and budget.

Windows are a great investment.

According to REMODELING Magazine’s 2023 Cost vs. Value Report, vinyl window replacement is included in the top five home remodeling projects with one of the highest returns on your investment. The report shows that a mid-range vinyl window replacement will cost around $20,091, based on replacing ten upgrade windows in a typical home. The good news: replacing windows will retain $13,766 of its value at resale. That’s a 68.5% return on investment!

Because new windows are a significant investment, you can choose to replace a few windows at a time to accommodate your budget. If there is widespread deterioration in all your windows, a full house replacement would be best for your home.

Window Style & Size

A window’s operating style and size influence the cost of window replacement. Larger windows and window configurations will increase the cost of the window and installation. Whether you want to match the current windows in your home or change the appearance and operation of your windows, there are replacement window styles that offer the architectural style and functionality that will achieve what you want.

Window StylesAverage Costs (Window Only)
Double Hung
Both top and bottom sash raise and lower.
$250 - $3,000- Easy In-home cleaning
- Versatile ventilation
- Won’t obstruct walk ways or patios when open
Single Hung
Fixed top sash and an operating bottom sash that raises.
$175 - $2,800- Lower sash opens for ventilation
- Increased weather resistance
- Won’t obstruct walkways or patios when open
Slider Sash slide open left or right horizontally.$320 to $1,300- Offers open views
- Great ventilation
- End Vent Slider can replace a large picture window for fresh air
Casement Hinged sash opens outward with a turn of a handle.$200 - $2,000- Maximum airflow
- Excellent energy efficiency& weather resistance
- Can be cleaned from inside the home
Awning Hinged at the top, the sash opens outward from the bottom with a turn of a handle.$100 - $1,000- Allows venting during rain
- Combine with a picture window for open views and fresh air
- Ample ventilation
Picture Non-operating style with no moving sash for excellent weatherability.$150 - $1,000- Large expanse of glass for unobstructed views
- Illuminates large or small areas
- Ideal to configure with other window styles
Geometric Shapes A variety of round, arched, and linear-shaped windows.$200 - $1,100- Architectural shapes to highlight any home
- Dramatic design element
- Fixed, non - opening style
Bay & Bow Combination of three or more angled windows.$400 - $5,500- Bonus seating area for relaxing or displaying collectibles
- Striking depth and dimension inside and out
- Creates a bright open space
Garden Window Unique window with display shelves and side windows for fresh air.
$500 - $2,400- Angled window increases light and space
- Ample ventilation
- Seat board and glass shelf provide an area for plants and collectibles

Glass Efficiency, Security & Performance

When choosing new windows, the glass selection significantly impacts your home’s energy efficiency, comfort and performance. There are a variety of glass options that will add to the cost of the window. Specialty glass options provide specific benefits, including noise reduction, added safety, increased security and privacy. All Simonton windows and doors come with standard ProSolar® Low - E Glass and Argon gas, an ideal choice in seasonal climates that use both cooling and heating. You can customize the energy efficiency of your window for where you live with advanced glass options. Specialty Low - E coatings, upgraded spacer systems and triple pane glass are more costly but provide maximum performance and ensure your new windows are ENERGY STAR® certified for your region.

Type of Glass
Average Cost (Glass Only)
Single Pane Glass
A single sheet of glass with very little insulation properties.$100 - $1,280
Double Pane Insulating Glass Unit
Two panes of glass with a warm-edge spacer system create a sealed insulating glass unit for enhanced energy efficiency and comfort.$150 - $1,290
Low-E Glass
Glass with a transparent metallic oxide coating reflects the summer heat and helps keep heat in during the winter. Specialty Low - E glass provides maximum efficiency for warmer and cooler climates.$350 - $2,680
Argon Gas
Argon gas is six times denser than air and is sealed between glass panes to increase insulation and reduce energy loss.$375 - $2,720
Tempered Glass
Heat strengthened glass that safely breaks into pebbles instead of shards.
$150 - $3,000
Laminated Glass
Impact resistant glass with a durable interlayer sealed between two layers of glass for added safety, sound reduction, security and UV fade protection.
$125 - $2,750
Triple Pane Insulating Glass Unit
An insulating glass unit with three panes of glass, creates two separate insulating airspaces for maximum thermal efficiency.
$400 - $3,040

Custom-Designed Windows

Customizing your windows with popular interior and exterior colors, grilles and distinct hardware finishes will increase the cost of the window. Most window materials offer a level of customization with various options that vary in selection and upkeep. Below are the most common design options that can help you express the vision you have for your home. Exterior finishes increase curb appeal and complement your home’s siding, trim and accents. Interior finishes and woodgrain laminates enhance the overall interior design. Grille profiles and patterns add character and highlight the architectural style of your home. Hardware in distinct metal finishes adds a finishing touch that can coordinate with faucets, drawer pulls and decorative accents.

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