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Window Condensation | How to Get Rid of Condensation

What is window condensation?

Under certain conditions, window condensation can occur both inside and outside your home, but your windows are not the cause of the condensation. Condensation, or “sweating” on windows, is caused by humidity (or water vapor), which is present in virtually all air. When the water vapor comes in contact with a surface the vapor condenses. This often happens to bathroom mirrors and walls after someone has taken a hot shower. Condensation can also occur on windows during the winter if the humidity inside your home is too high.

How to Reduce Window Condensation

Even windows on the same wall can have varying levels of condensation. This happens due to varying humidity levels, elevation, landscaping near windows and different levels of exposure to the sun.

How to get rid of window condensation.
Courtesy of the Chronicle Herald

How can I get rid of window condensation?

Many everyday activities produce water vapor, which will cause condensation. A five-minute shower releases a ½ pint of water vapor, cooking dinner on a gas stove can produce 2½ pints of water vapor and the breathing of a family of four can produce approximately ½ pint per hour.

Although it can be an uphill battle, there are a few things you can do to help control moisture levels in your home.

7 tips to get rid of window condensation.

  • Use kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans.
  • If you have a humidifier, set it to correct outside temperature.
  • Properly vent clothes dryers, gas appliances, stoves, etc.
  • Make sure attic, basement and crawl spaces are well ventilated and free from obstructions.
  • Don’t store firewood inside. Freshly cut wood can consist of up to 45% water, while well-seasoned firewood can have a 20-25% moisture content, and all of that moisture can be released in your home.
  • Open a window in the bathroom.
  • Open curtains and blinds to allow more air circulation around windows.



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