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Why Should You Invest in ENERGY STAR Certified Windows?

When you have ENERGY STAR certified windows, you know you have the optimum energy efficiency and comfort for wherever you live.


How ENERGY STAR certified windows benefit your home.

  • Installing ENERGY STAR windows lowers energy bills and save you money. With energy efficient windows, you also use less energy, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.
  • Put an end to cold drafts and overheated spaces. ENERGY STAR certified windows keep your home’s temperature consist and comfortable. Even your window seat will stay warm and cozy during winter months.
  • Most ENERGY STAR windows and patio doors have a special coating on the glass that is like sunscreen for your house. Over time UV Rays can fade your floors and furniture, but this coating helps to keep their color intact.
  • Installing ENERGY STAR certified windows can shrink your energy bills — and carbon footprint — by an average of 12 percent nationwide, compared to non-ENERGY STAR products.
  • Do some of your rooms feel like a sauna in the summer? A standard double-pane window allows approximately 75 percent of the sun’s heat into your home. With ENERGY STAR windows you can stay cool all summer long. This is because most ENERGY STAR windows reduce the “heat gain” into your home more than typical windows do, without reducing the visible light. You get the light you need without the uncomfortable heat.

For more information about ENERGY STAR certified windows click HERE.


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