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Triple vs. Double Pane Windows: Which Are Better?

Are triple pane windows worth the investment?

The quick answer is there’s no real consensus among remodeling professionals on the issue. According to Brandon Erdmann, president and founder of HomeSealed Exteriors, LLC,One company says triple pane is the only thing they sell, and the next company says it’s not worth it and suggest double pane windows are the way to go.” So what is the truth? From single, double to triple pane, does it really matter? And are triple pane windows really worth the additional cost?

Double vs Triple Pane Windows
Double Pane Window vs Triple Pane Window

The bottom line is this – triple pane windows are worth the additional cost if you plan on living in your house for anywhere from ten to twenty more years. That’s how long the cost of the third pane will take to give you energy savings that equal their cost. Or if you just hate anything remotely close to a cold draft in the winter, go for the triple pane window as extra insurance against the cold air seeping inside.
The thing is, triple pane windows with their three panes of glass, do a better job than double pane windows on preserving energy within your home. But, the third pane doesn’t really make that dramatic of a difference. With that said, we highly recommend double pane windows over single pane windows if you live in a colder climate. The Canadian government agrees and actually requires homeowners to use double pane windows, at a minimum, because they are so much more efficient than single pane windows.
“A window is not just a piece of glass anymore. It’s a piece of technology,” Joan Maisonneuve a policy manager with the Canadian Home Builders’ Association-Alberta told the Calgary Herald.
According to Glen Janiszewski, Director of Marketing Ply Gem Canada, windows installed today are completely different than windows installed 20, 30 or 40 years ago. The windows manufactured today by Simonton, owned by Ply Gem, are far more energy efficient. “The majority of heat loss is going to go through the glass,” Janiszewski told the Calgary Herald, which is why windows went from single pane sliding glass in the old days to double pane and now triple pane units.
Also, Low E coatings applied to Simonton windows significantly boost energy efficiency and we also use argon gas between layers of gas to further cut down on heat loss.

Pros and Cons of Triple vs Double Pane Windows

The pros of triple pane windows.

  • Triple pane glass is more resistant to condensation.
  • In colder climates, triple pane windows will help your home be more energy efficient.
  • Installing triple pane windows can add value to your home.

The cons of triple pane windows.

  • The additional pane doesn’t reduce outside noise any more than double pane windows. If you’re looking for noise reduction try laminated glass.
  • Triple pane windows are heavier than double pane, so you need to make sure your home can handle the weight.
  • Although they will help decrease your energy bill, it could take 10-20 years for them to pay off.

Want to learn about triple pane or double pane windows?

The next best step is to talk to a Simonton pro within our trusted network of contractors and window installers. The one nearest you will be happy to come out to your house to talk over your options. Find a pro here and let your window shopping begin!


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