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Impact Windows: Protecting Your Home From Severe Weather

If you live in a community along the coast, including Florida, Georgia and Gulf Coast communities, you know that hurricane preparedness is a key part of you and your family’s safety. Because these coastal areas are more prone to severe weather, your home needs the strength to stand up to the storm. That’s why impact windows, sometimes called hurricane windows or coastal windows,  should be a part of any coastal home.
Let’s take a look at why impact windows are crucial to helping your home weather a severe storm.

Why are impact windows so important?

1. Hurricane windows have special glass that offers protection from the elements.

Why are impact windows so important?
Hurricane windows from Simonton Windows & Doors are equipped with KeepSafe Maximum® glass. This glass features a durable, laminated interlayer that acts as a sturdy and effective barrier against flying debris — so no matter what is going on outside, your family always feels safe. Plus, if you have KeepSafe Maximum® glass you don’t need to also invest in hurricane shutters.

2. Coastal windows have reinforced window frames.

If you live on the coast your home needs impact windows.
Reinforced window frames add strength and durability to your windows to help withstand hurricane-force winds. 

3. StormBreaker windows meet the toughest HVHZ specification in the industry.

Protect your home from a storm with impact windows.
StormBreaker Plus windows by Simonton Windows & Doors are industry tested and certified to meet certain standards to ensure the utmost hurricane preparedness for your home. Tested and approved by AAMA standards for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), the Texas Department of Insurance evaluation for the Texas coast, and most importantly, the Miami-Dade and Broward County specifications for the Florida Building Commission — the toughest HVHZ specification in the industry — you can rest assured StormBreaker Plus windows can weather the storm.

4. Impact windows are energy efficient.

Impact windows protect your home from severe weather.

By filtering up to 99% of the Sun’s UV Rays, KeepSafe Maximum® glass reduces damage to things inside of your home including art, carpet and photos. Because this glass filters much of the Sun’s UV Rays it also helps keep your home cool, saving you money on your energy bills.

Resources to help you prepare your home for a storm.

Simonton Windows & Doors is your trusted resource for hurricane preparedness. Check out these helpful blog posts below to help you prepare your home for severe weather.


Ready to add safety and security to your home?

Are you ready to take the next step and explore how impact windows can protect your home? Find a pro in your area to get started.


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