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How Impact Windows Can Protect You and Your Home

We all know the effects of a hurricane can be devastating. But did you know your windows can help minimize or, in some cases, actually prevent damage from a hurricane? Having impact windows on your home can go a long way to ensuring your family, your home, and you, stay safe.
Simonton StormBreaker Impact Windows

How do impact windows keep you safe?

Impact windows, also referred to as hurricane or coastal windows, are impact-resistant. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means if you live on or near a coast these windows will help protect your home from the possible impacts of a storm or hurricane.
Why do you need impact windows?
Simonton impact windows contain laminated glass. The lamination makes the glass virtually impenetrable.
In addition to laminated glass these windows have a reinforced frame. The combination of the laminated glass and reinforced frame help these windows stand up to just about anything coming their way. And we’re constantly test these windows to make sure they do.
Benefits of impact windows
In fact, our StormBreaker Plus hurricane windows meet the hurricane zone requirements of Miami-Dade County, which has the most strict hurricane zone requirements in the country.

Learn more about our StormBreaker impact windows HERE.


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