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The Best Vinyl Windows Have an AAMA Gold Label

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Gold Certification Label on Simonton built windows and doors is a mark of integrity that signifies the best-in-class quality and durability of Simonton products. The AAMA Gold Label verifies that Simonton windows and doors have been manufactured to meet and pass the demanding standards and rigorous testing of the AAMA Gold Certification Program—one of the toughest certification programs in the industry.

For windows and doors to receive the AAMA Gold Label:

Test window must pass required performance levels at an AAMA-accredited laboratory for resistance to air leakage, water penetration and wind pressure to help ensure lasting durability and performance over the lifetime of the unit.

Be produced on a certified production line that builds the units to the same specifications as the unit tested for performance.

Tested for thermal efficiency by the National Fenestration Rating Council including the U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and Visible Transmittance.

Undergo two surprise on-site inspections each year to ensure quality and production standards are being incorporated in the facility on a daily basis.

AAMA Gold Certification. A Mark of Excellence.

The AAMA Gold Label means your window has been manufactured and tested to the high standards of the AAMA Gold Label Certification Program. It certifies that every unit assembled on the production line is using the same process and components as the unit that was tested and passed independent AAMA accredited test lab requirements for quality and durability including the following performance levels:

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Specified minimum levels of air infiltration through a window or door

Must meet an air leakage standard of 0.30 cubic feet per minute or lower with wind speeds of 25 mph.  A lower air leakage number means less air infiltration is allowed through the window or door.

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No water leakage allowed at the tested design pressure of the unit

Water infiltration is tested by applying water to the surface of the sample window or door at a rate of five gallons per hour per square foot, exceeding any rainfall rate ever measured in a natural storm.

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Prescribed levels of structural resistance from wind and other active pressures

Required to withstand the pressure from various wind speeds. Measuring the amount of wind speed a unit can withstand before breaking establishes its structural strength and design pressure.

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Vinyl profile testing

The vinyl material used to construct Simonton windows and doors is quality tested for rigidity and durability against heat buildup and weather conditions. Vinyl profiles are analyzed and have no lead.

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Specified operating force for operable windows and doors

Examines the reliability of operable window and door designs and their components with repetitive use testing.

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Prescribed resistance to unwanted for criminal entry

Tests the resistance to levels of forced or unwanted entry on a window and door with pass/fail rating.

AAMA Gold Certified Windows Are Also Tested for Energy Performance

For a window and door to receive an AAMA Gold Label they also need to be tested to the energy-efficient specifications of the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).  Thermal tests include U-Factor (measures heat transfer and insulation), Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (resistance to heat gain from the sun) and Visible Transmittance (the natural light that enters your home) and appear on the NFRC window label.  The label also includes AAMA testing standards and ENERGY STAR® qualified regions.

Learn About The Simonton NFRC Label
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Who is AAMA the American Architectural Manufacturers Association?

Established in 1936, AAMA is an organization of window and door professionals who provides performance standards and certification programs to help assure quality in the window and door industry. In 1972, AAMA became the first quality assurance program to be accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). AAMA sets the highest quality standards for residential and commercial windows which include performance specifications for window and door assembly, the individual components and specifications for the frame and sash material.

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