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Window Reviews

I Love The New Windows

“These are replacements for our home that is more than twenty years old. My wife and I had heard of the windows, but we were not familiar with the quality of the product. So we started shopping in the expensive places before being introduced to Simonton by Coastal Windows and Siding. The installation was perfect and the look of the Simonton windows is awesome. We installed 18 windows and a large sliding glass door and cant be happier with the windows and door.“

—Homeowner from Charleston, SC

Withstand The Test of Time

“We installed Simonton windows throughout our home more than a dozen years ago, and it was the best thing we could have done. The windows were bright white and the glass was tinted blue. They dazzled. Today, the windows are still bright white. The blue tint still looks lovely when the sun splashes against the panes. And the windows still dazzle. Moreover, they have been easy to take care of, despite that we live by the sea. Our Simonton windows are quiet, and they keep the winter cold and the summer heat outside. We looked at a lot of windows back then, and we decided to buy Simonton windows. We could not have made a better choice. And if we should ever need to replace our windows again, we will stick with the tried and the true. We will buy Simonton windows again.“

—Homeowner from Port Hueneme, CA

Very Satisfied with The Product

“Replaced our old windows and patio doors throughout our house. The windows are very clear and have smaller edges that provide a nice view. They look great both from inside and outside and happy with the quality.“

—Homeowner from Danville, CA

High Quality, Affordable Doors

“We needed to replace two of our patio doors and we decided to put in sliding doors instead. Saw a variety of products at a local retailer but the Simonton ones stood out in the quality-cost equation. I'd put the quality of the products (not just what we saw in the store, but got delivered to us) at par with the best products and will recommend Simonton highly. We had our doors custom made and the fit was exact - which also means we had a good contractor who gave us the measurements.“

—Homeowner from Fremont, CA

How to Buy

Simonton windows and doors are sold through our large network of trusted contractors, retail stores and distributor locations.