Air-Infiltration Troubleshooting

Defining Air Infiltration:

Air infiltration is the introduction of outside air into a home through door frames, window frames, outlets, walls, floors, roofs and others areas. Pressure differences cause air infiltration and ENERGY STAR recognizes air infiltration as important to window performance.


How do I keep cold air from coming through my windows?

The American Architectural Manufacturers’ Association notes that every home “needs to breathe.” Natural ventilation (a controlled air exchange) will occur in all windows and in all homes. Positive and negative pressure inside and outside of the home can pull air into or out of the home.

That being said, natural air infiltration should not be noticeable. Perform this simple test if you are still unsure.

Note: All of Simonton’s windows and doors are tested to meet AAMA’s (American Architectural Manufacturers’ Association) air infiltration standards.

Is there anything I can do to fix drafty windows?

  • Securely close and lock your windows
  • Inspect your windows caulking, sealing, screws and overall appearance for damages.
  • The windows should be installed plumb, level and square; if not, air could enter your home around the frame.

Note: Whistling windows, or a “humming” sound through the siding, can indicate an installation problem. If you suspect questionable installation, it’s a good idea to have a professional examine your windows. Contact a Simonton pro.

How are Simonton windows and doors tested?

All Simonton products are tested and certified to AAMA Gold certification standards which have specific speed and airflow guidelines.

Learn more about AAMA’s air infiltration guidelines here.

Want to learn even more?

Click below to download your free copy of our Air Infiltration Brochure.


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