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MaxView Multi-Slide Patio Door

Simonton MaxView™ Multi-Slide Patio Doors offer so many ways to create the transitional space you’ve always wanted with an incredible range of sizes, configurations, and colors.

How To Buy

Available in various standard sizes, plus custom sizing up to 10’ high or 30’ wide.


Doors come in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-and 6-panel options in various configurations.


Fusion-welded construction creates a one-piece frame and panel for reliable strength and durability.


Coming Soon! Coextruded black and dark bronze provide a dramatic architectural statement.

MaxView Multi-Slide Patio Door


    Our unique Whisper Glide™ weathertight seal is engineered to operate more smoothly, virtually eliminating drafts and noise.


    Our hidden T-lock design helps achieve high impact ratings (including Missile D level of impact resistance and HVHZ certifications) and allows builders to meet some of the most stringent building codes, all while maintaining the door’s clean aesthetic.


    The long-term care and maintenance of the door is easier and faster than the competition , thanks to our exclusive Adjust Assist™ rollers that adjust with just the turn of a screw.


    Non-conductive Super Spacer® technology reduces condensation and further increases energy efficiency while offering a longer- lasting, more durable glass seal.


    Take advantage of the classic beauty that rivals wood and aluminum more affordably and durably, without the upkeep.


    Doors come in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-panel options in the following configurations:
    Panels can slide from one side to the other or can open from either end. When fully open, the panels stack on one side.
    All panels slide and nest into a wall pocket, maximizing the finished opening.
    Panels open from the center and slide to one side or the other. The door can be partially or fully open, with panels stacking at their respective side.

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Simonton offers optional region-specific ENERGY STAR glass packages designed to deliver optimal energy performance and comfort in any climate.

Glass packages impact your heating and cooling costs, as well as security, acoustics and more. Customize your windows for desired performance and to meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines in any region.

ProSolar® Low-E Glass
  • Standard

    ProSolar® Low-E Glass helps keep warm air in during the winter months. In summer, it helps deflect external heat and retains cooled air.

  • Optional

    ProSolar® Shade Low-E Glass offers superior solar control and insulating performance, making it ideal for warmer climates with more intensive interior cooling needs.

  • Optional

    ProSolar® Sun Low-E Glass lets in the warming sun’s rays while blocking heat loss, helping to keep homes warm in cooler climates that require more energy to heat.

Gas Fill

Argon gas (six times denser than air) is sealed between the glass panes to increase insulation and reduce energy loss.

Glass Upgrades
  • Sound & Security Glass

    Engineered to combat intruders and harsh weather conditions, including hurricanes, our impact glass options help protect your home, your family and everything inside.

Gas Fill

Argon gas (six times denser than air) is sealed between the glass panes to increase insulation and reduce energy loss.

Spacer Systems

Glass panes are separated by a spacer system, which helps seal in functional gas and create an airtight seal.


The non-metallic foam Super Spacer® is non-conductive and virtually eliminates temperature transfer

Maxview Design Options

Vinyl Interior & Exterior Colors
Exterior & Interior Finishes
Exterior Finishes with White Vinyl Interior


Our handles are color-coordinated, comfortable and easy to grasp. Choose between three styles and standard and premium finish options, including our low-profile exterior pull handle with a recessed, contoured design for easier grasping and operation.


Available in standard color-coordinated hardware finishes and optional premium finishes.

Color-matched Handle Finish

The MaxView multi-slide patio door features an energy-efficient 3/4′′ insulating glass unit with ProSolar® Low-E Glass, Argon gas and a Super Spacer®spacer system. Additional glass options enhance acoustics, security and fade protection.

  • ENERGY STAR® Certified

    Simonton offers region-specific glass packages that meet ENERGY STAR guidelines for optimal energy performance and comfort in any climate.

  • Security, Sound & Sun

    Laminated glass consists of a durable interlayer sealed between two layers of glass that withstands forced entry, greatly reduces unwanted sound and deflects up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet (UV ) rays that can cause interior fading.

  • Coastal Impact Protection

    Our multi-slide vinyl patio doors are also Florida approved* to meet stringent impact requirements.

    * Florida Product Approval Number 41161 F

Choose architecturally inspired grille profiles and patterns to highlight your home’s character. Grilles are placed between the glass to create a smooth, easy-to-clean surface on the inside and outside of your home.

MaxView multi-slide doors have an optional heavy-duty screen that allows fresh air in and helps keep insects out.

How to Buy

Simonton windows and doors are sold through our large network of trusted contractors, retail stores and distributor locations.