The uniquely designed Impressions® collection provides the traditional look of wood windows with the low maintenance beauty and advanced energy efficiency.

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Impressions 9800

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Uniquely designed to provide the classic look you’re looking for.

For those with discriminating taste, the Impressions series offers the look of classic wood windows with the ease of vinyl.  A multitude of options allow you to design these windows and doors for maximum beauty and efficiency.

Features & Benefits

  • Sophisticated design mirrors the look of traditional wood windows.
  • Excellent thermal performance with standard Low E glass and Argon gas.
  • Decorum® style options include exterior colors, interior woodgrains and metal hardware finishes.
  • Advanced glass options for maximum efficiency, increased sound dampening and security.
  • Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty with 20-year glass breakage.
  • Lifetime Glass Breakage with the purchase of any Sensor Glass® package.
  • Impressions_Style_9800_DoubleHungDouble Hung
  • Impressions_Style_9800_Slider2-lite Slider
  • Impressions_Style_9800_Slider_23-Lite Slider
  • Impressions_Style_9800_PicturePicture
  • Impressions_Style_9800_CasementCasement
  • Impressions_Style_9800_ColonialCasementColonial Casement
  • Impressions_Style_9800_AwningAwning
  • Impressions_Style_9800_BayBay
  • Impressions_Style_9800_BowBow
  • Impressions_Style_9800_GardenWindowGarden
  • Impressions_Style_9800_PatioDoorPatio Door
  • Impressions_Style_9800_GradenDoorGarden Door
  • Impressions_Style_9800_Half-RoundHalf-round
  • Impressions_Style_9800_HalfRoundWithLegsHalf-round with Legs
  • Impressions_Style_9800_EyebrowEyebrow
  • Impressions_Style_9800_EyebrowWithLegEyebrow with Legs
  • Impressions_Style_9800_QuarterRoundQuarter-round
  • Impressions_Style_9800_QuarterRound_LegsQuarter-round with Legs
  • Impressions_Style_9800_CircleCircle
  • Impressions_Style_9800_OctagonOctagon
  • Impressions_Style_9800_HexagonHexagon
  • Impressions_Style_9800_PentagonPentagon
  • Impressions_Style_9800_OvalOval
  • Impressions_Style_9800_TriangleTriangle
  • Impressions_Style_9800_TrapezoidTrapizoid
  • Impressions_Style_9800_5500_GothicGothic


Advanced Performance

The 9800 series is available with Sensor Glass® packages that combine advanced features like ProSolar® Shade glass, Super Spacer,® a triple-pane I.G. unit and laminated glass to provide premium performance. Sensor Glass package also carry a Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty.

Regionally specific ENERGY STAR® glass packages are available to meet guidelines set for all regions of the country.

  • Reflections-5500-ProSolar-Shade-Low-E-Glass
    ProSolar® Shade Low E
  • Reflections-5500-Laminated Glass_Crow Bar
  • Lamina
  • Reflections-5500-Tempered-Glass
  • Reflections-5500-Bronze-Tint-Glass
    Bronze Tint
  • Reflections-5500-Grey-Tint-Glass
    Gray Tint
Interior / Exterior Vinyl Colors
  • Simonton Windows Exterior Color - White
  • Simonton Windows Exterior Color - Tan
Custom Woodgrain Laminate Interiors
  • Simonton Windows Interior Vinyl Woodgrain Antique Cherry
    Antique Cherry
  • Simonton Windows Interior Vinyl Woodgrain - Oak
    Contemporary Oak
  • Simonton Windows Interior Vinyl Woodgrain - Maple
Custom Exterior Colors
  • Simonton Windows Exterior Color- Brick
  • Simonton Windows Exterior Color- Bronze
  • Simonton Windows Exterior Color- Chocolate
  • Simonton Windows Exterior Color- Cream
  • Simonton Windows Interior Color Driftwood
  • Simonton Windows Exterior Color- Pine
  • Simonton Windows Hardware Finish - Tan
Cam Locks
Standard Hardware Finishes
  • Impressions_9800_CamLock_White
  • Impressions_9800_CamLock_Tan
  • Impressions_9800_CamLock_DarkBronze
    Dark Bronze (Woodgrain Interiors)
Premium Hardware Finishes
  • Impressions_9800_CamLock_Nickel
    Brushed Nickel
  • Impressions_9800_CamLock_OilRubbed_Bronze
    Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Impressions_9800_CamLock_Polished_Brass
    Polished Brass
Crank Handles– Flush Mount Only
Standard Hardware Finishes
  • Impressions_Flush_Mount_Crank_White
  • Impressions_Flush_Mount_Crank_Tan
  • Impressions_Flush_Mount_Crank_DarkBronze
    Dark Bronze (Woodgrain Interiors)
Premium Hardware Finishes
  • Impressions_Flush_Mount_Crank_Nickel
    Brushed Nickel
  • Impressions_Flush_Mount_Crank_OilRubbed_Bronze
    Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Impressions_Flush_Mount_Crank_Brass
    Polished Brass
Patio Door Handles
Standard Design & Hardware Finishes
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Standard-Handles-White
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Standard-Handles-Tan
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Standard-Handles-Driftwood
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Standard-Handles-Dark-Bronze
    Dark Bronze
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Standard-Handles-Satin-Nickel
    Satin Nickel
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Standard-Handles-Oil-Rubbed-Bronze
    Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Standard-Handles-Polished-Brass
    Polished Brass
Premium Design & Hardware Finishes
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Premium-Handles-White
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Premium-Handles-Tan
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Premium-Handles-Driftwood
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Premium-Handles-Dark-Bronze
    Dark Bronze
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Premium-Handles-Satin-Nickel
    Satin Nickel
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Premium-Handles-Oil-Rubbed-Bronze
    Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Impressions-Patio-Door-Premium-Handles-Polished-Brass
    Polished Brass
Grid Styles
  • GridWhite1 012
    5/8" Flat
  • GridWhite1 012
    3/4" Sculptured
  • GridWhite1 012
    3/4" Sculptured Brass
  • GridWhite1 012
    1" Sculptured
Grid Patterns
  • Impressions-9800-Grid-Pattern-Colonial
  • Impressions-9800-Grid-Pattern-Dbl-Perimeter
    Double Perimeter
  • Impressions-9800-Grid-Pattern-Dbl-Prairie
    Double Prarie
  • Impressions-9800-Grid-Pattern-Diamond-FlatOnly
    Diamond (Flat only)
  • Impressions-9800-Grid-Pattern-Perimeter
  • Impressions-9800-Grid-Pattern-Prairie
  • Impressions-9800-Grid-Pattern-Victorian-FlatOnly

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