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Your Annual Window Checkup Checklist

You know how every year you change your air filter or check your smoke detector? Well, did you know you should be checking your windows every year as well?
Window Checkup
Giving your windows a quick checkup once a year will help ensure they continue to perform as beautifully as the day they were installed. And it won’t take you much time to do.

Here is your annual window checkup checklist.

1. Make sure your windows lock properly.

Window Lock
When your windows are unlocked you can’t be positive they are all the way closed, which means you could be letting cold air into your home.

2. Check the reveal on your window.

What’s the reveal? Good question!
Open up your window so that there is a quarter of an inch gap (or so). This gap is the “reveal.” You want to make sure that reveal is even across the bottom of your window.

3. Check the weather-stripping.

There are two places you will want to check the weather-stripping.

First, check along the sides of your window sash where the sash meets the window frame. Is the weather-stripping even? If so, then you’re good to go.
Second, check the weather-stripping on the inside of your window sash. To do this you’ll need to tilt in the window sash.

Window Sash

  • Locate the tilt latches at the top of the window sash.
  • Pull in the tilt latches.
  • Tilt in the window sash. (Tip: Do NOT hold the sash at a 90 degree angle. This could cause your window sash to become dislodged and not close properly.)

Follow the weather-stripping around the inside of the sash. Is it all there? Is it all intact? If not, you can purchase replacement weather-stripping at any major hardware store.

4. Locate pre-drilled holes in the window frame.

All Simonton windows come with four pre-drilled holes in the window frame. Open your window sash, look inside the track of the window frame, and make sure those holes are filled.
If not, you can fill them with 100% silicone that can be found at any major hardware store.

5. Check the sealant around the outside of your windows.

SImonton Windows

On the outside of your home make sure the sealant is intact and not compromised in any way.

For more tips on maintaining your windows watch How to Weatherize Your Windows.


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