Just like changing your air filter or checking the batteries in your smoke detector, every year you should give your windows a quick checkup as well.

Here is a window checklist of five easy things you can check on your windows to make sure they’re performing just as beautifully as the day they were installed.

Simonton’s Annual Window Checklist

1. Make sure your windows are locked

Unlocked windows could mean they’re not closed all the way.

Window Checklist - Check your window lock

2. Check for an even reveal

This part should be the same along the bottom sash.

3. Inspect the weatherstripping

Look in between the sash and the frame to make sure there’s no damage. Don’t forget to check the weatherstripping on inside of the lower sash too!


4. Look for filled, pre-drilled holes

Make sure the four holes inside the tracks on the upper and lower sashes are filled.

5. Check the outdoor sealant

Go outside and look to see if the sealant surrounding the window is damaged or cracked.

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