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When Is it Time for Replacement Windows?

Reflections by Simonton Windows
Reflections by Simonton Windows

When should you think about purchasing replacement windows? There are a couple of tell tale signs that buying replacement windows for your house would be a good move.
1. You’ve lived in your house longer than 15 years without buying new windows.
Windows older than 15 years, will begin to age. This is a good time to start evaluating the effectiveness of your windows.
2. You can see moisture trapped between the window panes.
If you’re seeing a lot of moisture between windows, the seal could be broken.
3. You can hear outside noises.
This is an excellent indicator that you need new windows. New windows will stop that outside noise from coming in!
4. Your flooring and furniture is fading.
Depending where you live, your windows should be equipped to stop damaging UV rays from entering your home. When you start seeing faded furniture, that’s a good sign it’s time for replacement windows!
5. You can feel a draft. 
This is a no brainer, right? If too much air is getting through your windows, it’s time for replacement windows!
6. The glass is rattling. 
Unless you live in a haunted house, rattling glass is not only unsettling, but a sign that your windows have grown old and you need new windows.
7. The window won’t stay up. Or they won’t lock. 
You need to feel safe in your home. Your safety is our number one priority. If you are to a point where you are afraid inside your own home because your windows will no longer lock, you need to put purchasing replacement windows on the top of your list!


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