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What in the World Is a Window Sill?

OK. When we say window sill, what do you think of?

Go ahead. Close your eyes. And imagine the window sill. Bet you’re picturing this…
What is a Window Sill? Read here to learn more.
Not a Window Sill
How many times have you heard, “Can you place these flowers on the window sill?” Or… “Someone needs to clean off the window sill because it’s getting dirty.”
Well, your world is about to be blown, because that is not a window sill. As a matter of fact, it’s called the “stool” or “window board.” And the wooden board beneath that is the “apron.” So where did the confusion come in? Well, the exterior portion of the window is called the “sill.”
What is a Window Sill? Read here to learn more.
And it’s very important because…A well-made sill will allow the water to run right off, and not pool around the windows.  And this is exactly what a Simonton Window is designed to do. The last thing you want is to open a window after a storm and have water come into your house. That would be a poorly designed sill.


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