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How to Remove a Patio Screen Door

How to remove the patio screen door from the Inovo patio door. Are you having trouble removing your patio screen door? Does your screen door often get stuck or jammed? Does your sliding screen door fall off the track? We… Continue Reading →

DIY Easter Ideas to Celebrate the Start of Spring

The official start of spring is finally here and Easter is right around the corner! Did you know Easter is early this year? It usually falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon of the Spring Equinox. That means… Continue Reading →

Tips to Help You Weather a Winter Storm

You know how you always ‘planned’ on preparing for a storm? Well, now that winter is approaching it’s time to get prepared.  According to the American Red Cross, winter storms can range from moderate snow over a few hours to a… Continue Reading →

How to Get Rid of Window Condensation Like a Pro

Theresa, from My Fix It Up Life, has some quick tips to help you reduce window condensation like a pro.

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