A sliding window’s allure lies in its simplicity. This window style, also called a slider or gliding window, is so simple in design that it tends to outlast other window styles. But, this isn’t its only benefit. Sliding windows have a long-standing history of adding functionality and comfort to homes.

So what are sliding windows and why should you use them in your home? We’ll outline the unique benefits of this underutilized window style here.

Sliding windows can be customized to fit your home.

What are sliding windows?

Sliding windows have a long history in homes dating back to the 1700’s. A sliding window is often described as a double hung window placed on its side. They slide open from either the left or the right side and provide a wide view of your surroundings. Sliding windows can also come with a variety of customization options from different grid patterns to a variety of interior and exterior colors.

Sliding windows are most often found on the west coast.

Four benefits of sliding windows.

1. Sliding windows offer great views.

Sliding windows have many benefits, but the best thing about these windows is their view. These windows only have one bar that runs down the center of the window, which helps create an uninterrupted view.

2. Sliding windows aren’t overly complicated.

In fact, this is the most stripped down operable window style, which makes them incredibly easy to open and operate. It also makes them ideal for homeowners who want a no muss, no fuss window that will last for years to come.

3. Sliding windows are ideal for large openings.

Do you have a larger opening, but want a window that opens? A 3-lite slider, which has a large picture window in the center and a slider window on either side, could be a good fit. See what this configuration looks like here.

4. A sliding window is a perfect complement to most homes.

This window style is great for most homes, in particular in homes that have a shorter wall space. You’ll see this window style most often on the west coast.

What types of sliding windows are available?

Like most window styles, sliding windows come in a variety of window materials. Here are pros and cons of three of the most popular window materials, wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

  • Wood windows are the most traditional window material. However, wood windows tend to cost more than other window types.
  • Vinyl windows perform similarly to wood windows when comparing energy efficiency, but are less expensive and require less maintenance. This makes vinyl windows the best alternative to wood windows.
  • Aluminum windows are the least expensive and are low-maintenance, however, they also offer the least energy efficiency of any window material available.

To learn more about the differences between wood windows and vinyl windows click here.

How much does it cost to replace a sliding window?

The cost of a sliding window can vary based on a few different factors: window installation, custom window options, and energy efficiency or glass packages.

  • Window installation costs will vary depending on where you live and the pro you choose to install your windows. To find pros that install Simonton windows click here.
  • Depending on your personal style you may choose custom options, which could increase the cost of slider windows. For example, if you want a bold pop of color on the outside of your home, you can choose anything from brick to pine to tan. Or, if grids are more your style, you may want to consider a perimeter grid pattern. See other custom window options here.
  • Glass will have the greatest effect on your window’s energy efficiency and is the most important aspect of your window. Different glass options, such as gas fill, the number of glass panes, and Low-E, can all affect the cost of your windows.

To learn more about what can affect the cost of windows click here.

Three ways to use sliding windows in your home.

1. Large sliding windows are a perfect fit for great rooms.


Do you like a lot of airflow in your home? Larger sliding windows are a great option for you. Unlike the more traditional double hung window, they allow more airflow and are easy to open and close no matter their size.

2. Use sliding windows to create a pass through window.

Sliding windows make great pass through windows from the kitchen to the patio.

Place a pass through window from your kitchen to your outdoor space to make entertaining guests on your patio a breeze. You’ll be able to easily pass through food and dishes from the inside without worry.

3. A sliding window is an ideal frame for any view.

Slider windows offer an expansive view.

Many window styles inhibit your view. If you’re looking for a window that will allow you to have an unobstructed view, while still letting in fresh air, a sliding window is the solution.

Ready to add a sliding window to your home?

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