‘Tis the season for holiday parties!

Now that it’s the beginning of December, there’s no better time to plan a holiday party. If you’ve never hosted before and don’t know where to begin, don’t panic. We’ve put together the ultimate holiday party planning checklist to use as your guide this holiday season. Check out our tips below for fun and stress-free holiday party planning.

The perfect holiday party planning checklist.

  1. Choose your type of holiday party.

Do you want to host a dinner party or are you thinking about hosting a cocktail party? Whether you want to keep it causal or dress it up, holiday parties can be planned in endless ways and it’s key to decide what you want for yours.

  1. Invite your guests.

Once you’ve decided on the type of party, it’s time to invite your guests. Decide how you want to spread the word about your party. If you want to mail your invitations, there are plenty of festive invites to use.  Websites like Canva are perfect for designing your own invites for mailing, emailing and even social media sharing, as well.

  1. Create your holiday party menu.

What do you want to serve at your holiday party? Whether you’re having a sit-down dinner or Hors d’oeuvres at your cocktail party, there are several easy menu options to choose from. Don’t forget the drinks, though! Make sure to stock your party with an assortment of drinks for your guests. If you’re feeling the holiday spirit, create your own holiday cocktail for your party.

  1. Decorate your space.

What’s a holiday party without festive decorations? We suggest keeping it simple when decorating a dinner table so there’s plenty of space for food.

  1. Celebrate!

Planning and hosting a holiday party can be time consuming, so don’t get too caught up in the small details. Take time to relax and enjoy being with family and friends during your holiday party.


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