Are you wavering on whether coastal windows will make a difference in your home?

Coastal Windows

It’s true. Coastal windows, also called hurricane windows or impact windows, may cost a little more. But they’re an investment that is well worth the price.

3 reasons you should invest in coastal windows.

1. Protect your coastal home with coastal windows.

Simonton's StormBreaker Windows - Also called hurricane windows

Our laminated glass will help protect the inside of your home from flying debris in the event of a hurricane. Need proof? Click HERE to check out videos highlighting our StormBreaker Windows.

2. Many coastal cities require your windows to meet HVHZ standards.

Why do I need coastal windows?

Our StormBreaker Plus windows meet Miami-Dade County’s building code, which is the most stringent in the country for storm safety. You can read more about South Florida’s building code HERE.

3. Coastal windows will give you peace of mind.

StormBreaker Windows are great for hurricane areas

Not at your home year round? Don’t worry! Our StormBreaker Plus windows will not only help protect your home during a storm, but they also help protect against forced entry.

For more information about coastal windows read how to Protect Your Home with Impact Windows.