Tips for Brightening Up Kitchens

For the past decade, the kitchen has reigned supreme as the choice gathering spot for family activities and entertaining. Airy, open kitchens can transform the mood of the room. There are several things you can do to transform your kitchen into bright, welcoming spaces, energized with natural light:

  • Adopt the popular trend of having “naked windows” in the kitchen. By using only minimal window coverings, such as valances at the top, the windows allow in more light and can act as a transition to the outdoors.
  • When remodeling, add a bay or bow window to maximize the flow of sunlight into the room and give the kitchen an expansive feeling. Constructed of three or more windows mulled together at 30- or 45-degree angles, bay windows can be made to incorporate a window seat that provides a comfortable spot for homeowners to grab a cup of coffee and curl up with a magazine. A bow window, which is created by mulling together a multitude of windows in a gentle arch, creates a gentle circular effect in a room and can offer the perfect backdrop for a kitchen table.
  • Smaller than a bay or bow window, a garden window generally sits higher up on a wall. Many homeowners position a garden window directly over a sink and grow herbs, potted plants or starter seedlings on the shelves throughout the year. Simonton offers a garden window with dual, fully-operational casement sidelites to allow in air and sunlight.
  • Order several windows mulled together at the factory to give the impression of a small “wall of windows” and to maximize light flow into the kitchen. You can request operating windows (such as Double Hungs or Casements) be topped with non-operable transom windows to enhance the flow of light into the kitchen.
  • Brighten up the entire kitchen by painting your window trim bright white. Take this “whitewash” a step further and paint your kitchen cabinets white also, so that the entire room is bright and cheery, allowing light to “play” throughout the room. Selecting low-maintenance white vinyl frames for your windows will also help lighten up the kitchen.