The Sound of Silence


Live in a noisy neighborhood? Can you hear car horns and loud engines while you’re at the dinner table? It might be time for new windows. When you think about buying new windows, noise reduction is usually not on your mind. Maybe your home has become drafty or the wood on your window is beginning to rot. These are all great reasons to want new windows, but the added benefit of a quieter home is also nice.

New windows with dual pane insulating glass units reduce the level of sound infiltrating from the outside, but windows and doors with sound reducing glass can drastically reduce unwanted noise from entering your home.

You may wonder how we rate the sound control of a window. We use a system called Sound Transmission Class (STC).  STC is an integer rating of how well a building partition reduces airborne sound. In the United States, it is widely used to rate windows and doors.

A window with an STC rating of 34 can reduce exterior noise by 43%, bringing many loud outdoor noises down to a comfortable level, which is typically rated at around 60 decibels. A noise reduction of 10 decibels cuts noise levels in half.

Good Night's Sleep

Did You Know?

Noise affects you, even while you sleep. Even if you don’t wake up, the brain still reacts to the stress induced by loud, continuous noise. Increased headaches, stress, high blood pressure and sleep disorders have all been linked to excessive sound exposure.

We combine new technology like variant glass thickness and laminated glass to help achieve glass packages that provide noise control and significantly diminish unwanted sound from entering your home.

Don’t go through another noisy night of disrupted sleep. Contact a pro to learn more about Simonton sound control glass options.

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