How-to Videos

These how-to videos will help you easily navigate window maintenance and some basic vinyl window and patio door fixes. Visit our YouTube channel to view all of our videos.

How to Replace the Sash on an Awning Window

Licensed contractor Theresa Clement from My Fix It Up Life shows you how to replace the sash on a Simonton Awning Window.

How to Replace the Sash on a Casement Window

Theresa Clement, licensed contractor, brings along a friend and a flathead screwdriver to show you how to replace a sash on a Simonton casement window.

Your Annual Window Checkup Checklist

Contractor, designer, and a Simonton customer, Theresa Clement, gives you her 5 Point Annual Window Checkup Checklist for Air Infiltration.

How to Replace the Balance on a Double Hung Window

The balance assembly of your double hung window can be affecting the way it is opening and closing. If your double hung window isn’t opening or closing properly locate your order number and contact Simonton for a new balance assembly. Once you’ve done that, grab your toolkit and check out this How-To video with licensed contractor Theresa Clement for instructions.

How to Reduce Condensation on Your Windows

The moisture you are noticing on your windows is the same condensation you’ve probably seen in your car. Theresa Clement shows you how to reduce this condensation on your Simonton windows.

How to Clean and Operate Your Double Hung Window

Theresa Clement unlocks her double hung window to show you how she cleans the Simonton windows in her own home.

How to Fix a Double Hung Window that Won’t Lock

Fixing a double hung window that won’t lock is a piece of cake. Theresa Clement walks you through a simple solution to a frustrating problem. 

Remember that you can always contact a Simonton pro here.

How to Replace a Tilt Latch

Determine which tilt latch is causing you trouble, locate your order number, and contact Simonton for a replacement. Once you’ve done that, watch this how-to video in its entirety for step by step instructions on how to replace the tilt latch.

How to Replace a Vent Latch

A broken vent latch is very simple to replace.

  • Locate your order number in one of three locations in your window
  • Contact Simonton for a replacement vent latch
  • Pry out the broken latch with a flathead screwdriver and pliers
  • Pop your replacement vent latch in the same place you removed
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