Simonton Mosaic Windows are designed to provide every homeowner the ability to customize their windows that match their personal style. With multiple glass, color, hardware, and many additional features available, Simonton Mosaic Windows are extremely versatile and both beautiful and reliable.

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Simonton Mosaic

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The perfect combination of style & performance. Every aspect of the Simonton Mosaic window has been engineered to work together to create a window that will last.

Standard Features

  • Fully Welded
  • Multi-Chambered
  • Sloped Sill
  • Enclosed Sill without weeps.
  • Insulated dam wall.
  • Extruded screen with lift rail
  • Vent Latches.

High energy performance with standard Low E glass and Argon gas.

Custom style with Simonton Mosaic exterior color, interior woodgrain and distinctive hardware finish options.

Advanced glass options provide maximum efficiency, increase sound dampening and security.

Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty with 3-year glass breakage warranty

  • ProFinish_Contractor_Style_DoubleHungDOUBLE HUNG WINDOWS
  • brickmould-600-2-lite-sliderSLIDING WINDOWS
  • ProFinish_Contractor_Style_CasementCASEMENT WINDOWS
  • ProFinish_Brickmould_600_Style_AwningAWNING WINDOWS
  • ProFinish_Master_Style_PicturePICTURE AND SHAPE WINDOWS
  • Madeira_Styles_PatioDoor_SlidingSLIDING PATIO DOORS


Advanced Performance

The SimontonMosaic™ series is available with options designed to provide premium performance.

  • Reflections-5500-ProSolar-Shade-Low-E-Glass
    ProSolar Shade Low E
  • laminated-obscure-glass
  • DaylightMax-Rain-Glass
    Rain Glass
  • DaylightMax-Glue-Chip-Glass
    Glue Chip
Interior Color Options
  • white
  • beige
  • colonial-cherry
    Colonial Cherry
  • natural-oak
    Natural Oak
  • golden-oak
    Golden Oak
  • rosewood
Exterior Color Options
  • white
  • beige
  • dark-bronze
    Dark Bronze
  • sandstone
  • earthtone
Grid Styles
  • clad_58_flatgbg
    5/8" Flat
  • shadowbar
    7/8” SDL with Shadow Bar
  • 34in_contouredgbg
    11/16” Williamsburg
Grid Patterns
  • Mosaic Colonial
  • Mosaic Plaze Three Over One
    Three Over One
  • Mosaic Two Over One
    Two Over One
  • Mosaic Perimeter Prairie
    Perimeter Prairie
  • Mosaic Diamond
  • Mosaic Plaza Three Over One
    Plaza (Three Over One)
  • Mosaic Plaza One Over Three
    Plaza (One Over Three)
  • Mosaic Plaza Four Over Four
    Plaza (Four Over Four)
  • Mosaic Plaza (Eight Over One)
    Plaza (Eight Over One)

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