Coastal Installation Instructions

Simonton assembly and installation instructions for coastal products including Florida Installation Drawings, Florida Product Approvals, and TDI Product Evaluations.

These are basic guidelines for installing our products and do not anticipate problems that may occur during the installation process. Simonton highly recommends that you have a professional builder or contractor that is experienced with Simonton products perform the installation.


StormBreaker Plus 300VL - Drawings and Approvals

Type Sash-Frame Code FL Installation Drawings Florida Product Approval TDI Product Evaluation
Double Hung 07-09 (Box)      IN0364 5419 WIN-271
   07-10 (Flange)     
07-20 (Nailing Fin) IN0589
Double Hung Twin 07-20 (Nailing Fin) IN0523
Picture Window 07-09 (Box)      IN0366 228 WIN-1192
   07-10 (Flange)     
07-20 (Nailing Fin) IN0517
Horizontal Slider 07-09 (Box)      IN0365 10160 WIN-1021
   07-10 (Flange)     
07-20 (Nailing Fin) IN0520
3-Lite End Vent Slider 07-09 (Box)      IN0586 – 1x 10160 WIN-1021
07-10 (Flange)      IN0587 – 2x
07-20 (Nailing Fin) IN0588
Casement 07-09 (Box)      IN0369 224 WIN-1191
07-10 (Flange)     
 7-20 (Nailing Fin) IN0515
Awning 07-09 (Box)      IN0368 57 WIN-1190
07-10 (Flange)     
07-20 (Nailing Fin) IN0519
Sliding Patio Door 11-11 IN00371 5979 DR-216
Hinged Garden Door 07-07 IN0370 229 DR-385
Stand Alone Mullion-Medium   RM0052 15534 MU-54

HVHZ / StormBreaker Plus 300VL - Drawings and Approvals

Style/Type Sash-Frame Code Installation Drawings Florida Product Approval
Double Hung (HVHZ) 07-09 / 07-10 / 07-20 DA0011 16379
Picture Window (HVHZ) 07-09 / 07-10 / 07-20 DA0013 16390
Horizontal Slider (HVHZ) 07-09 / 07-10 / 07-20 DA0012 16389
3-Lite / End Vent Slider – Equal (HVHZ) 07-09 / 07-10 / 07-20 DA0014 – 2x

DA0014 – 1x

Casement (HVHZ) 08-09 DA0007 15372
Sliding Patio Door (HVHZ) 11-11 DA0010 16081
Stand Alone Mullion (HVHZ)-Meduim   RM0052HVHZ 15534
Stand Alone Mullion (HVHZ)-Large RM0051

Brickmould 600 with SafePoint Impact-resistant Glass - Drawings and Approvals

Style/Type Sash-Frame Code FL Installation Drawings Florida Product Approval TDI Product Evaluation
Double Hung 42-19 IN0540 5419 WIN-1638
Double Hung Twin IN0550
Picture Window IN0551 228 WIN-1641
Picture Window Twin IN0552
Horizontal Slider IN0545 10160 WIN-1639
End Vent IN0546
Casement IN0547 224 WIN-1640
Casement Twin IN0549
Awning IN0544 57 WIN-1642
Patio Door Fixed Panel (Sidelite / Transom) 06-05 IN0553 15689 WIN-1680
Sliding Patio Door IN0548 5979 DR-554

Last Update: 3/4/2021

Read all instructions thoroughly before beginning the installation of the window or door. These instructions are intended as a basic guide for installing windows and doors. If you require more in-depth instructions, please contact us at 1-800-SIMONTON (800-746-6686).
CAUTION: Some areas that are designated as high wind speed zones and wind-borne debris regions may require additional or special anchorage in order to comply with local and state building codes. Please consult your local Code Official for certified instructions regarding the installation of this product.

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