Winter’s frigid temperatures are here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t warm up your home’s exterior by adding curb appeal. There are several quick fixes and tips that can create winter curb appeal for your home.

5 easy ways to add winter curb appeal.

1. Adding lighting around your sidewalks and driveway help boost your nighttime curb appeal.

 winter curb appeal tips

With the days still being short, your home’s exterior could use extra lighting at night. Try adding driveway lights or lights leading to your doorway.

2. Easily add curb appeal to your home by refreshing your house numbers.

winter curb appeal

With less distractions from colorful flowers and plants in winter, house numbers stand out more. This is a simple fix that can instantly add winter curb appeal if your existing house numbers are outdated.

Make your own house numbers with a DIY tutorial HERE.

3. Trim your shrubs and other greenery.

winter curb appeal

Hedges and shrubs are perfect for helping you maintain your home’s curb appeal throughout winter, but you want to make sure they’re not overgrown. Evenly trimmed landscaping can make all the difference in your home’s exterior.

4.   Dress up your window boxes with evergreens and berries.

winter curb appeal

Your windows can help add winter curb appeal too! Create a winter window box with evergreens and berries. This video will show you how to make this simple DIY.

5. Keep your driveway and sidewalks clear of snow.

winter curb appeal

This might seem too obvious, but clearing snow from your walkways can improve the look of your home’s exterior this winter. And your neighbors will appreciate it, too!

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