hurricane preparedness week

Simonton Windows Withstand Powerful Hurricane Michael

The beauty of coastal living is often overshadowed by the threat of hurricane events. Over the years, building codes and products have been developed to help homeowners build and renovate their homes to resist higher wind loads and wind-borne debris…. Continue Reading →

Impact Windows: Protecting Your Home From Severe Weather

If you live in a community along the coast, including Florida, Georgia and Gulf Coast communities, you know that hurricane preparedness is a key part of you and your family’s safety. Because these coastal areas are more prone to severe weather, your… Continue Reading →

Hurricane Preparedness Week: How to Prepare for a Storm

It’s National Hurricane Preparedness Week and we have some tips for our friends living on or near a coast to help you stay safe this hurricane season. Many people know they need a plan for hurricane season, but aren’t sure where… Continue Reading →

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