Why should you consider picture windows for your home? Picture windows are the most energy efficient window style, they can easily be combined with other window styles to create a unique look, and most importantly, they let in a lot of natural light.

Let’s take a look at why a picture window may be picture perfect for you.

What is a picture window?

What is a picture window?

A picture window is fixed in the window frame, which means it doesn’t move. Because it doesn’t move or let any air flow into your home, it’s the most energy efficient window style.

This window style works well in any room in your home and fits any house style. However, these windows are best suited for areas of your home where you want to let in a lot of natural light or have a large view.

Picture window myths. Are there picture windows that open?

Are there picture windows that open?

No, picture windows don’t open. You’ll often see other window styles described as picture windows, such as casement picture windows or sliding picture windows. But these window styles are actually not considered picture windows. In order for a window to be defined as a “picture window,” the window has to be fixed and can’t move.

What types of picture windows are there?

What types of picture windows are there?

Like most window styles, picture windows come in a variety of window materials. Here are pros and cons of three of the most popular window materials, wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

Wood picture windows

Wood is the most traditional window material. However, wood windows tend to cost more than other window types.

Vinyl picture windows

Vinyl windows perform similarly to wood windows when comparing energy efficiency, but are significantly less expensive and require less maintenance. This makes vinyl windows the best alternative to wood windows.

Aluminum picture windows

Aluminum windows are the least expensive and are low-maintenance, but they also offer the least energy efficiency of any window material available.

To learn more about the differences between wood windows and vinyl windows click here.

Picture window styles and designs.

Because they can be easily customized, picture windows can come in any size, shape, or combination you can design.

Consider using a big picture window to make a statement in a large, open space.

A big picture window can make a statement.

Geometric picture windows, like this half-round window, can give even the smallest spaces a unique look.

A geometric picture window can give the smallest spaces a unique look.

Picture window combinations are perfect for large walls in your home. You’ll often see a picture window combined with casement or double hung windows to create a unique window configuration.

A picture window combination will often have side double hung windows.

How much does it cost to replace picture windows?

Picture window prices can vary based on a few different factors: window installation, custom window options, and energy efficiency or glass packages.

  • Window installation costs will vary depending on where you live and the pro you choose to install your windows. To find pros that install Simonton windows click here.
  • Depending on your personal style you may choose custom options, which could increase the cost of picture windows. For example, if you want a bold pop of color on the outside of your home, you can choose anything from brick to pine to tan. Or, if grids are more your style, you may want to consider a perimeter grid pattern. See other custom window options here.
  • Glass will have the greatest effect on your window’s energy efficiency and is the most important aspect of your window. Different glass options, such as gas fill, the number of glass panes, and Low-E, can all affect the cost of your windows.

To learn more about what can affect the cost of windows click here.

How to fix a picture window.

Is the glass in your picture window broken? Instead of buying a whole new window consider replacing the glass.

Watch the video below to see how Simonton’s expert easily replaces the glass in a picture window.

To buy a glass replacement for any window visit Simonton’s website here.

How do you buy picture windows?

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about pictures windows, what’s the next step? Start creating your windows with Simonton’s “My House” tool. “My House” allows you to organize the number of windows and window styles you want by room. And after you’re done choosing the windows you want you can easily send your window choices to your contractor, so they will know exactly what you’re looking for before they even see your house. Get started creating your ideal windows here.