A picture window may be the ideal window style for your home.

What is a picture window?

Picture windows are extremely energy efficient.

Because picture windows don’t open, they are the most energy efficient window style. This makes a picture window perfect for rooms where you want an expansive view, but don’t necessarily need air flow.

Why are picture windows ideal for your home?

Picture windows can be mixed and matched with other windows.

A picture window is super versatile and makes a great complement to other window styles. You’ll often find them flanked by two double hung windows or two casement windows.

Picture Window with Flanking Double Hung Windows

Customize picture windows to suit your style.

Just like our other window styles, picture windows can be customized to fit your home decor with a variety of color, grid, and hardware options.

Exterior Picture Window with Grids

Ready to add a picture window to your home?

Build your picture perfect picture window with Simonton’s “My House” tool. “My House” allows you to organize the number of windows and window styles you want by room. And after you’re done choosing the picture windows you want easily send your window choices to your contractor, so they will know exactly what you’re looking for before they even see your house. Get started creating your ideal picture window here.